Facebook and Instagram suffer a global decline in the web and its ‘apps’

March 13, 2019 By admin

Facebook and Instagram suffer a global decline in the web and its ‘apps’

Facebook and Instagram suffer a global decline in the web and its ‘apps’

The connection problems have started at five in the afternoon (Spanish time), according to their users report from the Outage Report and Downdetector sites

Facebook and Instagram social networks are registering this Wednesday from five in the afternoon (Spanish time) a partial decline worldwide both in its desktop web version and in its applications, as reported by its users from Outage Report sites and Downdetector and has confirmed the company Mark Zuckerberg: “We are aware of the situation.”

In both cases, connection problems have begun to be noticed shortly before five in the afternoon (Spanish peninsular time), and have had an impact on Europe, America, India, Malaysia and the Philippines. Unlike other occasions, it is not a complete block, but affected users, in general, can still access the applications, but some features, such as sending and receiving messages or sharing content, are not available.

In the case of Instagram, a platform owned by Facebook, users suffer problems when they can not connect from the mobile application, in 32% of cases, followed by the impossibility of uploading photographs, which affects 24% of reports, according to Outage Report. The problems focus on the publication of new content and the “stories” section.

In the case of Facebook, one of the most affected functions is its private messenger service, Messenger (which has its own mobile application). “Facebook is not available at this moment because we are performing maintenance tasks, try to enter your account in a few minutes”, you can read in a message when trying to access the web version. With Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram running halfway gas, the only application of the company that did not present problems this Wednesday is WhatsApp.

The problems of connection have had a lesser effect in Spain than in other countries, and in the case of Facebook focuses on Barcelona and its surroundings, as in the case of Instagram, where it has also affected Valencia and Madrid, according to Down Detector.


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