Google Leveraging AI and Machine Learning to Reduce Environmental Footprint

Google has revealed how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are playing a crucial role...
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Cutting-Edge Software Advancements Revolutionize the Industrial Sector

In a bid to enhance efficiency, productivity, and safety in the industrial sector, cutting-edge software advancements...
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Unveiling the Latest Software Innovations: Transforming Industries and Empowering Users

The world of software is constantly evolving, driving innovation and transforming industries across the globe. From...
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Microsoft blocks macros by default

Now Microsoft Office is blocking macros by default

There’s been a bit of back and forth since the change was originally announced, but this...
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New survey shows changing attitudes towards software development

This week, Stack Overflow published the findings of their yearly developer poll, which received responses from...
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Financial Software Solutions

New software is transforming financial services industry

The financial services industry is transforming with new software that can revolutionize the way businesses manage...
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WWII Infantry Soldier

Software engineer creates software that identifies anonymous faces in WWII photos

According to a story first published by The Times of Israel, a software engineer in New...
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