Job seekers seize opportunity in green technology in the Netherlands

Tautus press release

Excited faces in Leeuwarden. Eleven people received here their certificate and contract as a fitter solar panels from the hands of Jan Slager, director Tautus Installatie b.v. The company takes them into service for the installation of solar panels on homes in northern Netherlands.

The group was recruited through and then followed an 8-week training course at Leerbouwen in Groningen. All participants completed work placements in solar panel projects run by the Groninger Huis housing corporation. This once again gives job seekers from the working area of Groninger Huis an opportunity in green technology.

Jeffrey, one of the new mechanics: “I am happy with this opportunity. I'm incredibly excited about it.” His colleague adds: “There are so many opportunities in this growing market. I'm glad I get to work for Tautus after training with Leather Builders.”

Green energy technician jobs on the rise

Great need for solar panel technicians

Tautus is a supplier and installer of solar panels on residential buildings. The company operates nationwide. In this growing market there is a great need for mechanics. Jan Slager of Tautus says: “We always need well-trained and motivated employees. Together with Leerbouwen, Werk in Zicht and Groninger Huis, we have trained our own employees. In this way we are also giving something back to the area in which we work. Social return in optima forma!”

Hendrik van der Sluis of Leerbouwen: “As a practical trainer, we have put together a special training course together with Tautus. Tautus supplies to private individuals, among others. That requires technical and communicative skills. After all, every mechanic is also a business card for the company. Partly thanks to the good recruitment and selection through there are now eleven well qualified and motivated mechanics here.”

Michel Dammer of Werk in Zicht and project leader of agrees. “For our candidates, I'm extremely happy with this result! That's what we do it for. Thanks to the good agreements and coordination with Tautus, Tautus installation and Leerbouwen. For the future we strive for more similar projects. The market for solar panels is growing rapidly because we want gas-free living. That has positive implications for employment in the energy sector.”

Sustainability linked to people's well-being

Woonstichting Groninger Huis rents out over 4,300 homes in the municipalities of Oldambt, Delfzijl, Appingedam and Midden-Groningen. Unemployment is relatively high in this shrinking region. Director Hilde van Ree on behalf of Groninger Huis: “A sustainable future is of vital importance to us all. Sustainability is therefore an important spearhead in the policy of Groninger Huis.

Sustainability currently translates mainly to making our housing stock energy efficient, but for Groninger Huis sustainability ultimately goes further. We believe that sustainability is inextricably linked to the wellbeing of people. In this respect Groninger Huis has a social position between governments, market parties and the public domain.

An important condition in the tender for this solar panel project was therefore that the work should be carried out partly by people with a distance to the labor market and/or apprentices from the industry. The fact that together we have now succeeded in training eleven well-qualified technicians fills us with enormous pride.”


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