FaZe Clan and SteelSeries Launch Exclusive Gaming Collection at Best Buy

Limited-edition collaboration brings FaZe Clan’s iconic branding to SteelSeries gaming peripherals

FaZe Clan, one of the most influential gaming organizations in the world, has teamed up with SteelSeries, the global leader in gaming and esports peripherals, to release an exclusive line of gaming products. The FaZe Clan x SteelSeries collection, now available exclusively at select Best Buy retail locations and BestBuy.com, features a custom headset, keyboard, mouse, and mousepad adorned with the iconic FaZe Clan branding. This collaboration showcases the fusion of gaming and culture, providing gamers with high-quality peripherals that reflect their passion for FaZe Clan and SteelSeries.

Arctis Nova 7 Wireless Headset | FaZe Clan Edition

The Arctis Nova 7 Wireless Headset is a standout piece in the FaZe Clan x SteelSeries collection. Designed with the FaZe Clan aesthetic in mind, it features the FaZe moniker on the speaker plates and FaZe camouflage accents on the ComfortMAX ski band. The headset is equipped with the Nova Acoustic System, delivering HiFi audio enhanced by the Sonar Audio Software Suite. With 360° Spatial Audio, gamers can immerse themselves in the finest details of their games. The headset offers 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing seamless swapping between platforms. The ClearCast Gen 2 mic ensures crystal-clear communication, while the ComfortMax System provides adjustable comfort for long gaming sessions.

Apex 9 Mini Keyboard | FaZe Clan Edition

The Apex 9 Mini Keyboard is a compact powerhouse that maximizes gaming space without sacrificing functionality. Adorned with FaZe camouflage, this 60% form factor keyboard offers all the capabilities of a full-size keyboard through printed secondary functions. The custom-built OptiPoint switches provide lightning-fast response times, and the Double Shot PBT Keycaps ensure durability and sound quality. With an impressive lifespan of 100 million key presses, this keyboard is built to withstand intense gaming sessions.

Aerox 3 Wireless Mouse | FaZe Clan Edition

The Aerox 3 Wireless Mouse combines speed and style with its FaZe camouflage design. Engineered for fast swipes, this ultra-lightweight mouse is optimized for quick movements. With a 200-hour battery life and fast charging capabilities, gamers can enjoy stress-free wireless gaming. The TrueMove Air sensor ensures precise tracking, while the 100% Virgin Grade PTFE glide skates provide smooth control and speed. The water-resistant AquaBarrier™ adds an extra layer of protection, and the USB-C cable allows for easy connectivity.

QcK Heavy XXL | FaZe Clan Edition

The QcK Heavy XXL Mousepad completes the FaZe Clan x SteelSeries collection with its iconic FaZe camouflage design. Engineered with micro-woven cloth, this mousepad offers maximum control for low and high CPI tracking movements. The 900mm x 400mm x 4mm playing surface provides ample space for gaming, while the non-slip rubber base keeps it securely in place. Recommended by esports professionals, the QcK Heavy XXL Mousepad is a must-have for any serious gamer.

The collaboration between FaZe Clan and SteelSeries has resulted in a collection of gaming peripherals that seamlessly blend style and performance. The limited-edition FaZe Clan x SteelSeries products, available exclusively at Best Buy, allow gamers to showcase their love for FaZe Clan while enjoying the exceptional quality and innovation that SteelSeries is known for. This partnership exemplifies the fusion of gaming and culture, empowering gamers to express their passion through their gaming gear. Whether it’s the Arctis Nova 7 Wireless Headset, the Apex 9 Mini Keyboard, the Aerox 3 Wireless Mouse, or the QcK Heavy XXL Mousepad, this collection offers something for every gamer seeking the ultimate gaming experience.

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