She’s over 80 and has never seen a doctor, Japanese nutritionist Tomoko Wakasugi explains why

An apple a day

She lectures around Japan at 80-plus and still maintains a full head of healthy hair and teeth. Wakasugi doesn't believe in consuming non-organic produce developed with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. She raises her vegetables all year long.

She informed her audience that organic fruits and vegetables won't quickly rot even after they grow dry and turn yellow if they aren't stored in the refrigerator. But even if they put produce that has been fertilized with chemicals in the fridge, it won't take long for it to start going bad. These produce items have a very poor nutrient content in addition to having a very weak vitality. As a result, even if you believe you are eating a diet that is nutritious and full of fruits and vegetables, your diet could be increasing your risk of developing cancer and other diseases.

An apple a dayRegardless of where they were kept, the apples he grew stayed fresh even two years after being cut open. We can infer from his tale that organic food is a priceless resource that denotes good health and robust life. People might find it difficult to comprehend that apples often require more than ten applications of pesticides before they begin to mature.

They cannot survive, much less flower and produce fruit, without the usage of pesticides or fertilizers. Who knows what modifications our bodies will undergo after consuming those apples? Will we develop cancer if, for a decade or several decades, we simply eat vegetables grown with pesticides and artificial fertilizers without taking any precautions? It is believed that it is challenging to revert to traditional farming practices after introducing artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

Since there are no longer any birds or insects to consume some pests, they will instead munch on vegetables and leaves because Mother Nature's ecological food chain is broken. As a result of the human destruction of a remarkably orderly natural environment, we are now solely dependent on pesticides to eradicate pests.

In actuality, lots of people have attempted to grow apples in nature. Until the eighth year, when seven blooms bloomed, he persisted in trying to improve the soil quality using natural ecological means.

In the ninth year, his orchard was overflowing with blossoms and fruits, and his apple trees had developed a powerful immune system that allowed them to recover themselves.

According to a news article, Kimura's natural orchard is as follows:

When visitors to Kimura's orchard arrive, they witness locusts hopping around, bees dancing, frogs chirping loudly, and rats and rabbits scurrying about. To reach the apple trees, they must use their hands to push the weeds aside. In this 8,800 square meter orchard, Kimura has not applied even a single drop of chemical pesticide or fertilizer since 1978.

He has therefore produced apples that are delicious and last for years.

“Normally, an apple will quickly turn brown and begin to rot after being cut open and left for a while. Kimura's apples, on the other hand, were split in half and kept for two years without going bad, but as they faded, they shrank and grew smaller. Eventually, they dried into light-colored, sweet-smelling dried fruits with a scarlet hue.

When they read this article, many people are surprised to learn that organic food may offer us strong vitality and essentially ward off diseases for us, making it a perfect medicine for maintaining a long and healthy life. We shouldn't eat inorganic vegetables in the first place because they are so dangerous that we consume them regularly.

Modern fruits and vegetables no longer contain the flavors and nutrients they once did.

Most people in their 40s and 50s experience an unexplainable sense that, even though contemporary technology has made their life incredibly comfortable, the natural flavor of fruits and vegetables is no longer available.

Today's vegetables are harsh and many foods have lost their flavor. Cancer and other terrible diseases will still knock on their door no matter how hard they attempt to control and avoid diseases, exercise, and eat a lot of veggies.

Additionally, today's youth don't enjoy eating veggies. Mothers must use all of their creativity when cooking to make vegetables delectable so that their children eat more vegetables. Even though they are aware that eating too much junk food is bad for them, kids adore eating processed meat, snacking on things like chips, and consuming soft beverages.

Without realizing it, everyone is at their wit's end and the foundation of the problem is the inorganic fruits and vegetables we eat. Children don't know what fruits and vegetables should taste like, therefore they don't get enough nutrients from them. In a vicious loop, the more unhealthy food people consume, the sicker their bodies get, and the more snacks they yearn for.

Nobody has ever come to us during the current health concern to explain that because fruits and vegetables no longer taste good, people should no longer eat them. Without Kimura, who had created a miracle, people could still be in a helpless situation.

Organic vegetable consumption brought unexpected changes in 2 children.

A woman named Ms. Bai who lives in Japan previously got some organic vegetables from an 86-year-old grandma who provided them to her from her farms. These vegetables were incredibly heavy and had thick leaves despite their unattractive appearance.

Unexpectedly, her kid, who had never liked veggies, devoured them with gusto and questioned his mother, bewildered, why he had never eaten such fresh and delectable vegetables before. Bai was unaware of the value of organic produce, which is twice as expensive as inorganic produce. The typical family simply does not take this seriously because they are unaware of the dangers of eating non-organic food. Since switching to organic vegetables, Bai's kids are now enthusiastic vegetable eaters. Additionally, kids have lost interest in snacks and soft drinks, so the family was not burdened financially by the transition to organic vegetables. This means that consuming fresh, organic fruits and vegetables will provide our bodies with a powerful immune system.



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