Apple CEO Tim Cook praises 9-year-old Indian girl for developing iOS app ‘Hanas’

Apple CEO Tim Cook praises 9-year-old Indian girl for developing iOS app Hanas

A 9-year-old Indian girl, who currently resides in Dubai, was praised by Apple CEO Tim Cook for recently creating an iOS app for iPhones. In her initial letter to Cook, Hana Muhammad Rafeeq, 9 years old, claimed to be the youngest iOS developer. She said she created the storytelling app “Hanas,” which enables parents to record stories.

The CEO of Apple reportedly complimented her in his email reply to her after she described her software and other achievements in the email.

The free iOS app made by Hana has kid-friendly tales. She decided to create the app after she realised how in this busy life, few parents have the free time to read to their kids. Hana was eight years old when this app was made.

In an email, Hana stated that she was first exposed to coding when she was five years old, and it appears that she is the youngest person in the world to have done so. For this program, she wrote almost 10,000 lines of code.

Additionally, she avoided using her app's pre-made third-party libraries, classes, or codes. She had stated that she would appreciate a brief preview.

She also posted links to her YouTube videos. When Mohammed Rafeeq, Hana's father, first saw the email, Hana was sleeping. He stated that he woke her up to tell her the news. She sat up right away and dashed to the bathroom. It usually takes a while to wake her up, but this time, it was different.

Tim Cook emailed and congratulated her on her many outstanding accomplishments at such a tender age. He also added that if she persists, she will accomplish incredible things in the future.

Hana claims that to create the storytelling app that parents can use to record stories for their kids in their voices, and she had to write 10,000 lines of code.

She saw a documentary that gave her inspiration. Parents can record stories for their children to listen to while they doze off to sleep.


  1. Who is the CEO of Apple?
    The CEO of Apple is Tim Cook.


  1. How many lines of code did Hana Muhammad Rafeeq have to write to create the app?
    Hana Muhammad Rafeeq had to write 10,000 lines of code.

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