CES 2023: Panasonic showcase eco-friendly technologies through Green Impact City

Panasonic unveils solutions for environmental challenges at CES 2023 through the ‘Green Impact City‘ exhibition, featuring four physical and online areas demonstrating how initiatives and technologies can improve people's lives and address environmental issues.
The company’s CES 2023 exhibition is designed with sustainability in mind, featuring minimal materials and recycled materials to reduce carbon footprint and bamboo backdrops for product displays. The virtual exhibition is also available for those looking to learn more about Panasonic's eco-friendly initiatives and technology.

Panasonic aims to reduce CO2 emissions to virtually zero by 2030 and contribute to avoiding 300 million tons of emissions by 2050 through its long-term environmental vision, Panasonic GREEN IMPACT. The goal is to promote both social well-being and a sustainable global environment.
Panasonic will showcase new parks, towns, homes, and mobility technologies. Further, the company will also present new consumer technology.
Panasonic's PGI Overview showcases the company's goals and three-year environmental action plan, GREEN IMPACT PLAN 2024. The exhibition also features perovskite solar cells known for their high efficiency and ability to be installed on various surfaces while preserving transparency and a device for producing green hydrogen through renewable energy-powered water electrolysis. The unit utilizes precious metal-free catalyst materials to lower the cost of producing CO2-free green hydrogen.

Panasonic's RE 100 initiative aims to use renewable energy for 100% of the energy consumed by its business activities. The company's Kusatsu Plant in Shiga Prefecture became the world's first demonstration of 100% renewable energy use at a manufacturing facility, using a combination of pure hydrogen fuel cells, solar cells, and storage batteries for energy management. Panasonic is also working on energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly refrigeration technology solutions in modern grocery stores.

This exhibition area will display key devices, technologies, and solutions for the electrification of mobility, including cylindrical lithium-ion batteries for EVs, electric bicycles, and EV charging solutions. It will also showcase driver and passenger safety and comfort solutions, such as an in-vehicle air purifier and a modular audio system for EVs. Online exhibits will include a vehicle monitoring and management platform, a connected vehicle data management platform, and in-flight entertainment technology.

Panasonic's GREEN IMPACT House exhibition will showcase home appliances and services for a “well-being” lifestyle, including solutions for inner well-being through home-cooked meals and healthy cooking, outer well-being through aging care and relaxation, and spatial well-being through clean technology. The exhibition will also feature energy-efficient home solutions such as heat pump hot water heaters and energy storage systems, air purifiers and smart controls for HVAC systems.

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