Grand Theft Auto VI video leak: Crucial gameplay details revealed

Grand Theft Auto VI video leak Crucial gameplay details revealed

Grand Theft Auto VI is the most anticipated video game from Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. The game's last edition was launched nine years ago in 2013 that sold 170 million units. Ahead of the official release, a hacker has published pre-release footage from the development of Grand Theft Auto VI, reports Bloomberg.

Over the weekend, the hacker posted dozens of never-before-seen videos from Grand Theft Auto VI on an online message board. The leaked footage provides an early and unpolished view of the gameplay for Grand Theft Auto VI.  The cache of videos offers a comprehensive and unauthorized look at making one of the industry's biggest games.

The scale of the leak is so rare that some people doubt its authenticity, but people familiar with the game’s development said the videos are real.

Posting the videos on the online forum, the person suggested they were the same hacker who infiltrated Uber Technologies Inc. in a high-profile incident last week. The claim is unverified, though. The hacker said in a follow-up message about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game, “I am looking to negotiate a deal,” and raised the prospect of publishing more internal information about the project.

A spokesperson for Take-Two didn’t respond to a request for comment outside of regular business hours.

As mentioned above, the last Grand Theft Auto V came out in 2013 and became the most valuable entertainment property. The upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI leaked online has been developing since 2014. The upcoming online game is said to feature a playable female protagonist for the first time in the series and will be primarily set in a fictional version of Miami, Bloomberg reported.

Take-Two acknowledged the game’s existence for the first time in February this year, a disclosure that quickly sent its stock surging 7%. In July, the video game maker Roblox Corp. accused a hacker of publishing stolen information to extort the business. Neil Druckmann, co-president of Sony Group Corp.’s Naughty Dog, dealt with pre-release information about his game The Last of Us II. He posted a message on Sunday seeking to reassure “my fellow devs out there affected by the latest leak.”



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