Hungary just saw the launch of Starlink

Starlink in Hungary

Hungary just saw the launch of Starlink. According to the email, Starlink is now instantly accessible throughout the entirety of Hungary. Users can anticipate low latency and download rates of up to 250Mb/s. Over 250,000 people in 33 countries receive broadband internet access from SpaceX's 2,250 Starlink satellites in Low Earth Orbit.

Visit and input your service address to order Starlink, the business said. Around 53 Starlink satellites are currently launched by SpaceX each week atop previously-used Falcon 9 rockets. The next-generation spacecraft, Starship, will be able to launch 400 Starlink satellites in a single trip, allowing SpaceX to quickly finish the deployment of thousands of satellites once it is operational.

According to the company, people use Starlink to receive education, healthcare, and even communications support during natural catastrophes. When a calamity strikes, the Starlink network has shown to be dependable. After a volcano eruption destroyed the sole fiber-optic cable linking the islands to the internet, teams rapidly shipped Starlink user terminals to the Kingdom of Tonga. Without the assistance of a professional expert, Starlink may be set up in a few easy steps using a mobile app.

Simply plug it in, point it at a clear view of the sky, and connect the Wi-Fi router to access the network wirelessly. First responders can swiftly set up the Starlink antenna wherever they go thanks to its simplicity. To help Ukrainian authorities maintain the safety of citizens by employing a dependable communications infrastructure to coordinate their actions, SpaceX provided thousands of Starlink user terminals. Additionally, Starlink has been made available to civilians in Ukrainian hospitals and shelters.

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