Instagram may soon roll out ‘Candid Challenges’ feature; all you need to know

Instagram may soon roll out Candid Challenges feature all you need to know

After introducing the ‘Dual Camera' option for users, Instagram might soon roll out another feature reportedly named ‘Candid Challenges'. The name suggests that users must share their candid images on the photo-sharing platform.

As per reports, users will get a prompt every day at a different time to take and post a selfie using the Instagram app, which will be then shared on their respective Instagram stories. In addition, to build up the excitement around this new feature, Instagram will give 2 minutes to the users to upload their candid images.

As per tech reporters, this new feature seems to be a copy of another popular app, ‘BeReal'. The essence of this app lies in asking users to upload their selfies within a 2-minute time limit after getting a prompt from the app at any time of the day.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a tech researcher, has given a glimpse into this new Beta feature of the Instagram app and said that the feature might be just a prototype.

“Instagram is working on IG Candid Challenges, a feature inspired by BeReal App. Add other's IG Candid to your story tray. And every day at a different time, get a notification to capture and share a Photo in 2 Minutes”, Paluzzi tweeted.

This new feature, if rolled out, will use the ‘Dual Camera' option that allows the users to record videos from both front and back cameras simultaneously. This was touted as an attempt by Instagram, essentially a photo-sharing app, to move towards video production following the success of Instagram reels.


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