Meta’s Twitter Competitor Is Here: What the Internet Is Saying About Threads


Earlier this week, we learned that Meta is joining the microblogging fray with its own Twitter competitor called Threads.

It was supposed to launch today, but last night at around 4 pm PT/7 pm ET, Meta decided to launch Threads a few hours early. So far, Meta's new “Instagram's text-based conversation app” has 30 million users, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

With a new social media app for people to join, the internet has been very vocal about how they feel about Meta's new internet endeavor. Mark Zuckerberg decided to go to Twitter and make a post about his company's new app. It should be worth noting that Zuckerberg tweeted for the first time in 11 years. Impeccable timing to break your Twitter silence, Zuckerberg.

Ubisoft decided to quote tweet Zuckersberg's meme with its own, poking fun at the similarities between the company's and Threads logos.

Of course, some people also note how they are now adding Threads to their list of platforms to check on. This extends to those that work in social media and content creators that now have another platform they will need to post on.

Some Threads users aren't impressed

Of course, some people are not impressed with the latest Twitter competitor (or clone, depending on how you may see it), which mostly stems from its lack of features including hashtags, the ability to switch between different Threads accounts, a web version, private messaging, and a home feed for people that follow you. Of course, some are using both Twitter and Threads anyway.

The lack of features seems to be the biggest discourse/criticism on Threads. Though Instagram head Adam Moressi says these features are coming. But some are not a fan of the only feed mixing accounts you don't follow with the ones you actually follow. Also, there are a bunch of celebrities and brands that flooded Threads at launch. A few examples include brands like Netflix, Spotify, and Xbox. Celebrities like Gordon Ramsey, Bella Ramsey, and Tom Brady.

Nevertheless, Threads is growing pretty fast. Zuckerberg thinks Threads may reach over 1 billion users, noting in a reply on Threads that “Twitter had the opportunity” to crack that milestone “but hasn't nailed it.” Important to also mention that in a separate reply, Zuckerberg mentioned how the company will consider ads on Threads, once the company can “get it on a clear path to 1 billion” users.


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