Three New Drone-Based Technologies for Methane Monitoring

At ILM Exhibitions' Industrial Methane Measurement (IMM) conference, Abigail Corbett, Ph.D., of Seekops, Ludovic Donnat of TotalEnergies, and Jean-Phillipe Gagnon of Telops each spoke about some of the new drone-based-sensors that are paving the way for the future of methane monitoring. Click the thumbnail in the sidebar to watch a recording of the lecture.

Other topics include:

  • An outline of Seekops' new drone-based methane sensor
  • Case studies, using assets in the North Sea
  • Overview of TotalEnergies' new drone-based sensor for measuring flare combustion efficiency, AUSTEA
  • Addressing the challenges of mass balance in drone-based monitors
  • Using carbon dioxide as a tracer for methane
  • What is the state of methane regulation?
  • How can hyperspectral imaging meet changing demands for methane monitoring?
  • Outline of experimental results achieved by Telops' hyperspectral camera
  • What is the detection limit of the system?
  • How is the motion of the drone subtracted from the measurement?

If you're interested in attending the next IMM or any of ILM Exhibitions' other events, follow the link to find out more:

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