FinTech LIVE London Returns: A Showcase of Software and Tech Speakers

Leading experts in finance software and technology gather at the FinTech LIVE London event to share insights and innovations.

The highly anticipated FinTech LIVE London event is set to take place from 8-9 November at the QEII Centre in Westminster. This two-day gathering will bring together some of the brightest minds in financial technology, showcasing the latest developments and trends in the industry. One of the event’s highlights is the lineup of software and tech speakers who will share their expertise and insights with attendees. In this article, we will introduce some notable speakers and their contributions to finance software and technology.

Thomas Sutter – Finance Centre of Excellence for Oracle Netsuite

Thomas Sutter, a key figure in the Finance Centre of Excellence for Oracle Netsuite, is known for his extensive financial experience and expertise. In his role, Thomas counsels customers, supports product development, and advises on software implementation strategies. He is passionate about helping finance professionals advance their businesses by focusing on the core pillars of technology, processes, and people. Thomas’s insights are invaluable for those seeking to optimise their financial operations and drive growth.

Marvin Fletcher Rogers – Principal Solutions Consultant for Sage

Marvin Fletcher Rogers, a Principal Solutions Consultant at Sage, is a leading expert in Sage Intacct, a cloud-native finance and subscription billing platform. With over 14,000 customers supported by this platform, Marvin’s role involves assisting hyper-growth SaaS and technology companies in scaling through finance digital transformation. His expertise in navigating the complexities of finance software and his ability to drive successful digital transformations make him a sought-after speaker in the industry.

Michelle O’Connor – VP of Global Communications & Strategy at Taxbit

Michelle O’Connor, the Vice President of Brand & Communications at TaxBit, is a prominent figure in the world of tax and accounting for digital assets. TaxBit is an industry leader in this space, and Michelle spearheads all marketing and public relations efforts to position TaxBit as a force to be reckoned with. With her expertise and passion, Michelle is a powerhouse speaker who brings valuable insights into the evolving landscape of tax and accounting for digital assets.

Anton Padmasiri – CEO & Co-Founder at WealthOS

Anton Padmasiri, the CEO and Co-Founder of WealthOS, has an extensive background in the wealth management and pensions industry. With years of experience as a product leader for renowned companies such as Fidelity and Smart Pension, Anton conceived the idea for WealthOS out of frustration with substandard wealth tech platforms. His vision for a superior wealth management solution led to the creation of WealthOS, and his insights at the event will shed light on the future of wealth tech and its possibilities.

Paul Donnelly – Executive Vice President EMEA at FINEOS

Paul Donnelly, the Executive Vice President of EMEA at FINEOS, brings a wealth of international experience in the insurance and technology sectors. With a focus on guiding FINEOS business operations in EMEA, Paul’s leadership roles in renowned companies such as Munich Re have equipped him with valuable insights into automation solutions. His expertise in the intersection of insurance and technology will provide valuable perspectives on the evolving insurance landscape.

The FinTech LIVE London event promises to gather industry leaders and innovators, offering a platform for knowledge sharing and networking. The software and tech speakers featured in this article represent a diverse range of expertise and perspectives in financial technology. Their insights and experiences will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing evolution of finance software and technology. As attendees gather at the QEII Centre, they can look forward to gaining valuable insights and inspiration from these esteemed speakers, driving the industry forward and shaping its future.

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