New survey shows changing attitudes towards software development


This week, Stack Overflow published the findings of their yearly developer poll, which received responses from over 70,000 engineers in 180 different countries. The poll highlights the surroundings, tools, and attitudes that are shaping today's software.

This year, the most favored and desired tools were Docker and Kubernetes, which came in the top and second, respectively.

The most favored language is Rust for the seventh consecutive year. The fact that more than half of respondents said they “dreaded” using each of the languages suggests that the developer community may support the Open Source Security Foundation's (OpenSSF) and Linux Foundation's plans to phase out C and C++.

Global Pay and Experience Gaps, According to Survey

openssfThe highest paying technologies were Clojure, Erlang, and F#, with C and C++ falling into a lower rung. However, between 2021 and 2022, median incomes rose by around 23%, and even low-tier languages experienced a salary raise.

The poll also revealed that although senior positions like executives and engineering managers often have the greatest pay, blockchain engineers in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada earn comparable wages despite having the lowest average years of experience.

On average, the three positions with the highest salaries have more than 11 years of experience. Like the previous year, 50% of respondents have been coding for ten years or less, although American developers have an average tenure of nearly fifteen years. U.S. respondents reported salaries as high as $200,000 annually, closely followed by Canadian respondents. The highest reported pay in India, in contrast, was just over $50,000, while the average number of years of experience was around 9.

Disappointing Developer Demographics

The poll was just another illustration of the developer community's diverse demographics. No other racial or ethnic group represented more than 10% of the respondents, whereas more than 75% of respondents identified as White or European. “We have substantial work to do to ensure that our platform is inclusive and that our poll is reflective of developers globally,” stated Stack Overflow in its review of the demographic findings.



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