Solar quote in Texas; does anything look out of whack?

Hello Reddit, My wife and I are looking at adding solar to our home. Our main...
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Tautus press release

Job seekers seize opportunity in green technology in the Netherlands

Excited faces in Leeuwarden. Eleven people received here their certificate and contract as a fitter solar...
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Solar Battery and Recycling

New NREL report shows recycling isn’t enough to keep solar and battery technologies thriving

After studying more than 3000 scientific papers, researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have...
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Energy Cost

How to save on home energy costs

If your air conditioner has been running on overtime this past week because of the extreme...
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Solar Panel Industry

The Biden Administration Screwed Over the Solar-Panel Industry

President Joe Biden, who this month used his pen to try to stabilize a domestic solar...
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