Eavor-Loop: Revolutionizing Geothermal Energy in Europe

The EU’s Innovation Fund supports the construction of Eavor’s groundbreaking geothermal power plant in Germany, paving the way for widespread adoption of this renewable energy source.

As the effects of climate change become increasingly apparent, the urgency to transition to renewable energy sources has never been greater. The European Union (EU) has set ambitious goals to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, with a strong emphasis on renewable energy. However, the installation of renewable energy infrastructure at a large scale poses significant challenges.

Geothermal energy, while a reliable source, has been limited to areas with access to underground hot water reservoirs. Enter Eavor-Loop, an innovative technology that harnesses underground heat without needing a reservoir. With the support of the EU’s Innovation Fund, Eavor is now constructing its first commercial-scale geothermal power plant in Germany, revolutionizing the potential for geothermal energy in Europe.

Overcoming Limitations of Traditional Geothermal Power

Traditional geothermal power plants rely on hot water reservoirs deep underground to generate energy. However, these reservoirs are limited in availability, restricting the construction of geothermal plants to specific locations. Eavor-Loop eliminates this constraint by utilizing a closed-loop system that does not require a reservoir. This breakthrough technology opens up the possibility of harnessing geothermal energy virtually anywhere, making it a game-changer for the renewable energy industry.

Eavor-Loop in Germany

Thanks to a €91.6 million grant from the EU’s Innovation Fund, Eavor is constructing its first commercial-scale geothermal power plant in Geretsried, southern Germany. This funding not only provides direct financial support but also attracts additional private investment. The plant is being built on a site previously chosen for a traditional geothermal project that was abandoned due to the lack of a suitable reservoir. Eavor-Loop’s system allows the company to build on previous research and utilize existing installations, further enhancing the project’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

How Eavor-Loop Works

The Eavor-Loop plant consists of two vertical wells connected horizontally. A special fluid is circulated through this closed circuit, extracting heat from deep within the Earth. The difference in density between the warm and cold fluid across the system creates a radiator-like effect, bringing heat to the surface. The extracted heat can be used for local heating networks or converted into electricity. Eavor-Loop’s system has the potential to transform geothermal power from a niche energy source into a viable alternative to fossil fuel-powered district heating systems.

Environmental and Economic Benefits

The Geretsried Eavor-Loop plant, operational in late 2026, will yield almost 65MW of thermal energy and over 8MW of electricity during its 30-year life cycle. The plant’s capacity to power hundreds of homes will significantly contribute to the greening of local heating and electricity grids. Additionally, the plant will prevent the release of 45,000 tonnes of CO2 annually, equivalent to the emissions produced by heating over 10,000 homes with a gas boiler for a year.

With its closed-loop system, the plant’s greenhouse gas emissions during operation will be close to zero. Moreover, the plant’s minimal surface footprint and non-interference with aquifers and underground rock pressure ensure minimal environmental impact and eliminate the risk of water contamination or seismic activity.

EU Support for Green Tech

The EU’s support for the Eavor-Loop project extends beyond financial funding. Through initiatives like the European Green Deal, the REPowerEU Plan, the Green Deal Industrial Plan, and the Net-Zero Industry Act, the EU is creating favorable conditions for the growth of the green industry in Europe. The Innovation Fund plays a crucial role in driving innovation and accelerating the adoption of net-zero technologies. By investing in projects like Eavor-Loop, the EU is paving the way for a sustainable and prosperous future.

The construction of Eavor’s commercial-scale geothermal power plant in Germany marks a milestone in developing renewable energy sources. With the support of the EU’s Innovation Fund, Eavor-Loop’s innovative technology has the potential to revolutionize geothermal energy, making it accessible in locations previously deemed unsuitable.

The plant’s environmental benefits, minimal footprint, and job creation highlight the positive impact of investing in green tech. As the EU continues prioritizing the transition to a net-zero economy, initiatives like Eavor-Loop will be crucial in achieving a sustainable future for Europe and beyond.

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