Doritos Launches “Crunch-Cancellation” Technology for Gamers

The new ‘Doritos Silent’ allows gamers to enjoy the crunch without disrupting others

In the world of gaming, there’s nothing more frustrating than being engrossed in a virtual world, only to be interrupted by the sound of someone crunching on a bag of chips. For many gamers, this noise can be incredibly distracting and can even impact their performance. Recognizing this issue, Doritos has unveiled a groundbreaking new technology that aims to solve this problem once and for all. With their new ‘crunch-cancellation’ technology, Doritos allows gamers to enjoy the satisfying crunch of their chips without disturbing their fellow players.

The Dislike for Eating Sounds Among Gamers

According to a recent survey conducted by Splendid Comms on behalf of Doritos, 46 percent of gamers in the UK dislike the sound of other people eating while they’re gaming. The survey also revealed that in Portugal and Spain, 68 and 64 percent of gamers, respectively, ranked crisps or chips as the food items that create the worst noise while gaming.

The Connection Between Doritos and Gaming

The connection between Doritos and the gaming community is undeniable. Both Doritos and gamers embrace their individual flavors and boldly express themselves. Doritos understands this bond and is committed to innovating and elevating the gaming experience for those who choose their brand.

The Development of ‘Crunch-Cancellation’ Technology

Doritos partnered with Smooth Technology, a leader in electronic and interactive design, to develop their ‘crunch-cancellation’ technology. The process took six months and involved the analysis of over 5,000 different crunch sounds. The goal was to create a way for gamers to enjoy the crunch of Doritos without disturbing their fellow players.

Expanding the Technology to PC Gamers

With the launch of ‘Doritos Silent,’ the brand aims to benefit the 80 percent of millennials and Gen Z who classify themselves as gamers. By offering this technology to PC gamers, Doritos hopes to enhance the gaming experience for a wide range of players.

Teasing the Idea of “Doritos Silent”

Doritos generated excitement for their new technology by teasing the idea of “making Doritos silent” through social media and out-of-home advertisements. These ads featured Doritos chips in place of noise-canceling headphones, promising that “you won’t hear it coming.”

Doritos’ ‘crunch-cancellation’ technology is a game-changer for the gaming community. By allowing gamers to enjoy the crunch of their favorite chips without disrupting others, Doritos is enhancing the overall gaming experience. With this innovative approach, Doritos continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and catering to the needs of its loyal fanbase. As the gaming industry continues to grow, it’s exciting to see how brands like Doritos are finding unique ways to enhance the gaming experience for players around the world.

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